Author Topic: Why Men Preferred Japanese Escorts  (Read 520 times)


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Why Men Preferred Japanese Escorts
« on: August 09, 2019, 10:41:13 AM »

Sensual Gratification

Within minutes of passionate kisses and caresses, we were both naked on the bed. She went on top of me and started massaging me in ways I never imagined. I had read stories of other peopleís experiences with these models and thought they were exaggerated. However, the kind of sensual experience that this lady gave me was out of this world.

She didnít hold anything back when it came to giving me sensual pleasure. She allowed me to do everything I pleased with her body. In fact, she was directing me to sensual pleasure points that I never knew they existed. We made love in different positions and on realizing that I was about to ejaculate, my beauty goddess used her hands to make sure that I released it all. She then massaged my manhood, went to the bathroom, and come back with a soft cloth with warm water. She wiped my genital clean and lied next to me.

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